Asset Integrity & Preservation

Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) focus to ensure assets run effectively and accurately without compromising the wellbeing of all personnel, equipment safety and environment. Oil and gas, and petrochemical infrastructures are rapidly aging and approaching their ‘end of life.’ However, if appropriate maintenance and inspection are carried out, the life-span of these assets can be extended, and save millions of dollars’ worth of damage.

Asset Integrity Management

Asset Integrity Management

The three main elements in Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) are design, technical integrity and operational integrity. Asset integrity applies from the beginning of conceptual design, fabrication, preservation, operation up to the final cycle or decommissioning of the asset. Therefore, it is essential to ensure these elements are well maintained and executed to ensure the assets are in a fit-for-service condition till the end of the asset’s life cycle.

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the oil & gas and petrochemical fields, providing asset integrity management solutions that clients need to achieve productivity gains, while meeting safety and environmental concerns

Preservation (Vappro)

Preservation (Vappro)

Making a decision on purchasing spares or equipment is critical especially when it involves high-value items. Many considerations need to be made particularly for long-lead items that require proper preservation to ensure they are in good and ready condition while waiting for the next project to commence.

In providing excellent preservation solutions, Altus works with multi-award-winning company Magna International Pte Ltd (Magna Group). We would consult and develop a total preservation solution to suit our client's requirements, followed by timely inspections. As the sole authorised agent in Malaysia, Altus also supplies the Vappro Bio Corrosion Inhibitor (VBCI) to customers and provide training on its proper application techniques.

Vappro VBCI products are designed to suit the multi climate condition especially to combat corrosion that is mainly caused by high humidity. Vappro VBCI products are specifically designed to protect against corrosion for ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Vappro's award-winning advanced VCI technology translates to cost savings for customers using Vappro products.

Preservation proposition value:

  • (Cost-effective) Reduce the risk of property damage whilst in storage caused by corrosion through applying correct preservation techniques. Therefore, it indirectly reduces the possibility for repurchase items for part replacement.
  • (Efficiency) Some spares will require a long lead delivery time, thus, proper preservation will reduce the need to repurchase those items and increase the supply chain efficiency.

Multi-award-winning Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) solutions are fit to be applied to multi-function equipment particularly to combat corrosion. It provides continual corrosion protection and is suitable for the following application:

  • Electrical (printed circuit board, switchboard, breakers)
  • Mechanical part (metal product, pipes, casing, valves)
  • Rotating part (engines, pumps, turbines)